Super loans are flooding in, but they haven’t been yet

However, Good Finance is the first bank to receive the MNB’s valuable pledge on a fixed-rate loan at all times, ie there are no periods of 3 to 5 years, the interest rate is fixed at all times.

Fixed Home Mortgage Loan can be used for construction

Fixed Home Mortgage Loan can be used for construction

The highly acclaimed Good Finance Fixed Home Mortgage Loan can be used for construction, home purchase (even on holiday homes) and redemption, with a maturity of 15 or 20 years.

The initial interest rate is 5.75% for the 20-year maturity and 5 million forints, and the APR is 6.49% (special interest condition). Under normal conditions, the interest rate is 6.35% and the APR is 6.67%.

Where does the race start from?

Where does the race start from?

Not so much in interest rate spreads, but banks can take action with different promotions and refunds, as Erste and now Good Finance have done. Practically the same discounted package is offered to customers as an initial periodic discount as with any other Good Finance home loan, ie

  • there is no application fee
  • no disbursement fee is payable
  • no administration fee is payable
  • the bank also repays the notary fee up to a certain amount
  • reimburses the first full monthly repayment after the first disbursement, if it has been contractually executed by the debtor
  • however, if the customer waives this, the bank will not charge a contract modification and closing fee related to the prepayment if we terminate or prepay within 5 years.
  • if there is a prepayment or prepayment of more than 5 years after the conclusion of the contract, the bank shall release 50 percent of the contract modification and short-term fee, and if more than 10 years, 100 percent
  • no prepayment fee is charged if the amount of the prepayment comes from the employer’s home-based Cafeteria and is up to HUF 1 million.

In spite of the rather impressive discount list

We advise borrowers to wait patiently, as there is still a bank that may fall short of the offers so far. The real seizure is likely to come in the fall, when the competition may start, and in the meantime, it is worth looking out for both the Good Finance, which credit institution is coming up.

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